Chanhassen Dinner Theatre hosts mass wedding

"Wait, we're getting married WHERE?"

"Wait, we're getting married WHERE?"

Something terrifyingly saccharine this way comes.

On Saturday morning, 50 couples from "Brainerd to Mankato and everywhere in between" will descend on the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre for a mass wedding called "The Big Whopping Wedding."

We get a big, whopping headache just thinking about it.


The multi-matrimony kicks off the return of I Do! I Do! and, yeah, really project in your own head when you read that. The production ran for 22 years at the theater with the same cast until 1993. The lead couple even ended up falling in love and getting married.

Of the 50 couples following in their footsteps, only three will be actual newlyweds. The other 47 -- aged 20-something to 80-something -- are renewing their vows. They were selected at random after submitting a photo of themselves, and the whole ding-dang affair is free, including a performance of, deep inhale, I DO! I DO!

The press release says it's "in celebration of the sanctity of marriage" and with the resurgence of marriage amendment efforts fresh in our minds, we couldn't help asking if this is a super chipper part of protecting the sanctity of marriage.

"We don't do anything political," says the theater's PR director Kris Howland.

Got it.

At any rate, 50 couples screaming "I DO!" at each other at the same time and then viciously making out should be quite a party. Our only major criticism -- it's a cash bar. Come on!