Challengers Already Lining Up to Take On Congressman John Kline

Only months into his seventh term in Congress, Republican Rep. John Kline has already said he has every intention to seek reelection in 2016.

It's the kind of forward thinking hubris afforded an incumbent who's greased the wheels of his political career on Capitol Hill to the tune of $15 million in special interest money.

But Kline's deep political pockets, courtesy of corporate players like the University of Phoenix's Apollo Education Group, isn't intimidating enough to stop challengers from already lining up.

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Earlier this week, Angie Craig, a 42-year-old medical device company executive and political candidate greenhorn, said she plans to mount a DFL challenge to the GOP incumbent in next year's Second Congressional District election.

Craig, an Eagan resident, who's lived in Minnesota for a decade, joins Republican David Gerson, a loser to Kline in the 2012 primaries, as heavy underdogs against an opponent, who's become the well-established and copiously financed lackey for the for-profit higher education industry,

Kline cruised to a 17-point victory over Mike Obermueller in November.

Craig and spouse Cheryl Greene and have four sons. She spent her childhood in an Arkansas trailer park being raised by her mother and grandmother.

A Craig spokeswoman declined comment yesterday, saying the impending challenger didn't want to grant an interview request until she'd officially filed her candidacy.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said Gerson had lost to John Kline in two primary elections. He has only lost once.

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