Chainsaw Vs. boomstick: The dangerous lives of tree specialists

As far as stories about tree specialists go, this is about as gripping as it gets.

A man working for the Eden Prairie Parks Department was greeted with a face full of boomstick earlier this week when he showed up to cut down a diseased elm tree.

The specialist arrived at Kimberly Ann Sisak's house in Eden Prairie to find the elm tagged with a pointed "F U."

Then there was Sisak, closing in slowly with the shotgun.

From KSTP:

Last year the city sent hundreds of letters to property owners telling them to cut down diseased trees to stop the spread of Dutch Elm disease.

Eden Prairie Parks Manager Stuart Fox said, "I would say 99.9 percent of the people comply."

Sisak was not one of them.

Sisak could now face five years in jail.

And the kicker? The city plans to cut down the tree before the snow melts.

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