Chad Hartman finds no love for Steve Horner on WCCO-830

Hartman doesn't see the resemblance between this guy and Jesus.

Hartman doesn't see the resemblance between this guy and Jesus.

WCCO-830's Chad Hartman doesn't understand Steve Horner's quest to criminalize ladies' night, but he tried to find some love for him anyway.

On his radio show yesterday, Hartman discussed City Pages' story about Horner's plans to sue the Minnesota Department of Human Rights for rejecting his most recent complaint against Sally's Saloon and Eatery in Minneapolis.


Hartman and Horner clearly don't see eye-to-eye on this whole ladies' night issue.

"He needs be Tazed," suggested Hartman, after reading a quote of Horner comparing his quest to ban ladies' night to the struggles of Jesus Christ and Jim Crow-era black people.

Hartman also ribbed Horner for his admission that finding a lawyer who is willing to take his case has proved no easy task.

"Think about that," said Hartman. "Lawyers who are willing to represent plants, reptiles... lawyers are willing to represent anybody and everybody if it involves publicity and cash and this guy can't get a lawyer."

But differences aside, Hartman welcomed any Horner-friendlies in radioland to call in and come to his defense.

"I would love to hear from you," said Hartman. "Because I think it is a miniscule group, but maybe there's somebody out there who has felt that their rights have been denied when they've gone [to ladies' night]."

Caller Jim thought Horner was "preposterous," though suggested a bar that offers ladies' night might as well offer a men's night as well.

Caller David's wife was surprised that more women didn't side with Horner, as -- according to David's wife -- ladies' nights are riddled with sleazy guys looking to prey on liquored-up women.

But alas, as Hartman predicted, he found no listeners ready to truly throw down for Horner's cause.

Check out the full audio by clicking here (Horner comes in about halfway through).

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