Certified Minneapolis Mayor, City Council votes are in

That didn't take long: We have the final vote tally in the Minneapolis mayoral and city council races from Election Day. Why the wait? Ranked choice voting rules require that the ballots be counted by hand if the original results don't offer a clear winner. The hand-count results then have to be certified by the Minneapolis City Council. That happened this morning.

There are no changes from the unofficial results posted at the Secretary of State's Web site.


City Council

  • Ward 1 Kevin Reich
  • Ward 2 Cam Gordon
  • Ward 3 Diane Hofstede
  • Ward 4 Barbara A. Johnson
  • Ward 5 Don Samuels
  • Ward 6 Robert Lilligren
  • Ward 7: Lisa Goodman
  • Ward 8 Elizabeth Glidden
  • Ward 9 Gary Schiff
  • Ward 10 Meg Tuthill
  • Ward 11 John Quincy
  • Ward 12 Sandy Colvin Roy
  • Ward 13 Betsy Hodges