Century-Old McClellan Building Demolished to Make Way for Vikings Stadium Parking Ramp

The McClellan building as it looked many, many years ago.

The McClellan building as it looked many, many years ago.

Construction of the new Vikings stadium and the adjacent downtown east development involves the demolition of three buildings, all of them formerly owned by the Star Tribune.

The second of them came down last week, as the 99-year-old McClellan building was razed. It'll be replaced by a parking ramp connected to the new stadium, Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority spokesperson Jenn Hathaway tells us.

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The Star Tribune's Eric Roper put together a great overview of the building's history here.

Long story short, it was originally home to the McClellan Paper Company, and a 1930s newspaper article described the building as "one of the oldest and largest wholesale paper houses in the northwest." The Strib bought it many decades ago, though not even the newspaper knows exactly when, Roper reports.

Hathaway says the first building demolished for stadium-related construction was the "old Star Tribune building," which came down last spring. That site will become one of the two Wells Fargo towers on the downtown east development.

The third and most notable building to be demolished will be the Star Tribune's current headquarters at 425 Portland Ave. That building, built in 1919, will be torn down to make way for "the Yard" area of downtown east.

Finally, here's a brief video of the McClellan building's demolition shot by Strib reporter James Shiffer:

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