Central MN funnel cloud video comes with Christian rock soundtrack [VIDEO]


When exactly to consider the existence of a higher power is subject to circumstance.

Maybe it's a moment of extreme joy or heartbreaking sorrow. The birth of a child, or the death of a loved one. A drug-induced high; a substance abuse rock bottom. 

Or maybe it's that time you're staring right at a would-be tornado twirling in the sky and a great Christian rock song comes on the radio.

On Wednesday, Alexandria's Doug Hasz pulled over to do a little storm-spotting around the small town of Villard. Hasz, purveyor of "Doug's Kettle Korn," observed a menacing funnel cloud that sure looked like it wanted to reach down and touch the earth.

It never quite made it, Forum News reports, but several trees were blown down that day, and some area houses were de-shingled by the wind gusts. 

With no lives lost, we're left to consider the backing music to Hasz's short video clip. Evidently it's a song called "Nothing Ever (Could Separate Us)," a Christian rock tune by the band Citizen Way.

Later in the song, the lyrics — which, naturally, refer exclusively to Jesus — go, "My treasure forever, with You I belong/And even in death, we won't be torn apart." This is a fairly confident sentiment from someone eyeing the formation of a major storm. From the looks of it, it was pretty possible that Doug could, indeed, be torn apart in death.

Then again, that would just be his earthly, corporeal form. If the soundtrack's any indication, he's got a much longer-term plan in the works.