Central Corridor light rail construction timeline

Central Corridor construction gets going this fall
Central Corridor construction gets going this fall

Work on the first three miles of the planned 11-mile light rail link between Minneapolis and St. Paul starts in September and will continue through November 2012, according to a timeline just released by the Met Council.

The work this fall centers on reconstruction of the Washington Avenue Bridge's foundations. The main street work gets under way a year from now.

That's plenty of time for drivers to figure out how they're going to rearrange their lives to avoid the construction zones. Store owners along the route? They face a whole range of issues, including their basic survival, until the route service beginning in 2014.

This first phase is dubbed Civil West. It includes construction of three miles of double track, modifying the Washington Avenue bridge, building four stations, creating a transit-pedestrian mall on Washington Avenue on the East Bank, building a new flyover bridge over Interstate 35W where Central Corridor tracks will join the Hiawatha line, and more.


  • East of the Metrodome to Pleasant Street (including Washington Avenue bridge work), December 2010-November 2012
  • Washington Avenue bridge foundation work, September 2010-December 2010
  • Pleasant to Oak Street, May 2011-August 2012 (includes building the transit-pedestrian mall on the East Bank and the East Bank Station)
  • Oak Street intersection, May 2011-November 2011
  • Oak to 29th Avenue, March 2012-November 2012 (includes reconstructing the Huron Boulevard intersection and building the Stadium Village and 29th Avenue stations
  • Transitway reconstruction, May 2011-August 2011
  • 29th Avenue to Emerald Street, March 2012-November 2012 (includes reconstructing University Avenue west of Highway 280)

More details here.

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