Celebrating Obama's victory in St. Paul: They're dancing in the street


By Beth Walton via phone.

People were literally dancing in the street in downtown St. Paul as Barack Obama gave his victory speech. Young people in Franken T-shirts stood up in their car, flashing Democratic party signs out their window and waving their hands through the sun roof. A car of black teenagers whizzed by on Kellog Blvd, an American flag attached to the car's side mirror. They honked first and everyone else followed.

"We won! We won!" screamed Trish Ward, 29, of St. Paul, jumping up and down as if she was orchestrating the car honks and screams. "I'm really excited. I'm black, and I think it's what they say, total change: the economy, the jobs, they're all coming back. But most importantly, for the first time ever, we're united. The whole world is united."

Inside the Crowne Plaza hundreds stood enchanted as they watched America's first black president speak. Even the caterers put down their spaculas infactuated by the television screen. As Obama talked about America's timeless creed to create a more perfect nation, he said, "Yes we can."

The crowd roared back: "Yes, we can. Yes, we can."


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