Celeb gossipers love Franken and Coleman


As the country starts it's slow descent into political withdrawal, all eyes are now on the Minnesota Senate race. Celeb gossipers are particularly intrigued. What makes this race so exciting? A mere 230-some vote difference, a former SNL comedian and a Republican incumbent anxious to end this quickly so he wins. Wait, he already decided he won.

Here is a little compilation of some of the publications around the country gossiping about Sen. Norm Coleman and Al Franken.

Defamer sums up this story well with their headline: "Defeated Al Franken Wishing He Had Just Shaken 571 More Hands" Well, now that's down to 236.

Coleman claimed victory early this morning while the defiant politico comic pledged to fight on with a recount, taking one last tour around the state to rummage beneath couch cushions and car seats for the mislaid ballots that will send him laughing all the way to Washington.

A brutal feeling to be sure, but look at it this way, Al: Crushing, expensive political defeats like these can only do wonders for your Oscar chances. Get to work!

Comedy Central's InDecision2008 also jumped in on the fun:

It's called "Minnesota nice," and Sen. Norm Coleman is chock full of it! Especially when he encourages his opponent in a razor-thin election to just give up and let him win.

So all this constitutes "Minnesota nice"? I guess I expected something a bit classier from such a mild-mannered state. The tactics seem pretty un-Minnesota and more like, say, New York City.

Our personal favorite? Blue-haired wonder Perez Hilton even has something to say:

If Minnesota really needs money to cover the cost we're sure a ton of people would be willing to donate to the cause of democracy!

Where should we send our checks?

Over at DailyKos, someone was a little upset about the email sent out last night by the National Republican Senatorial Committee asking for donations to stop Franken from "stealing" the election. The poster seemed to read the NRSC's bad sentence structure incorrectly and went on a rampage of the NRSC calling Franken a racist:

Here is the excerpt from the letter:

Minnesota's Senate race (the race angry, liberal Al Franken is trying to win) is headed for a costly recount. Norm Coleman is leading, but Franken's lawyers are already crying foul.

Here is the response:

But what gets my goat is calling Al Franken "the race angry, liberal Al Franken." What type of humans have Al Franken dared to attack on the campaign trail? Did I miss him dropping racial slurs during stump speeches?

Maybe I should give the benefit of the doubt that Ensign didn't hire a copyeditor to vet his phrasing. But it does seem like a coded attack on Franken to try to get minorities to donate to his cause thinking Franken is planning on going to the senate to give tax exemption status to crosses used for burning?

How dare John Ensign even try to plant the seeds that Al Franken is a racist. I'd be angry if I had Sen. Ensign wanting to raise more money to fight a recount than the cost of the recount. And what about the fact that his dog in the fight couldn't win the seat with an amazing margin so this wouldn't be necessary?