CC Club owner dispels rumors, says bar is not being sold or closing

It's business as usual at the CC, a co-owner says.
It's business as usual at the CC, a co-owner says.

Earlier today, a rumor erupted on social media that the legendary CC Club -- arguably the diviest dive bar in the Uptown vicinity and the inspiration for The Replacements' classic "Here Comes A Regular" -- was being sold and would soon be shutting its doors.

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Not true, said owner Linda Rauen when reached by City Pages early this afternoon.

First, here's how the rumor spread on Twitter:

It's all a bunch of baloney, according to Rauen.

Told about the rumor spreading on Twitter, Rauen asked us to "Twitter 'em back and tell them you talked to one of the owners, and she'd know."

Over at the French Meadow, co-owner Steve Shapiro confirmed that the rumor is "definitely not true," according to the Meadow's catering manager.

So it looks like dirty hipsters will still have a place to call home in Uptown for the foreseeable future.

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