Cats don't like wearing clothes... We're pretty sure of it

Cats don't like wearing clothes... We're pretty sure of it

The Star Tribune's gossip columnist C.J. has a... how do we put this...

odd column today

. She spends the day with Carroll Britton, the owner of Carroll Britton Cosmetics in Edina. When she isn't dressing up the faces of humans, she's dressing her terribly depressed cat Lilly in clothes.

She's pretty convinced Lilly loves wearing clothes, but we'd like to argue otherwise. This cat is totally miserable.

Anyone who has visited Stuff on my Cat knows this. Cats like being naked and get pretty down when they are forced to have any foreign objects on them.

But Britton really likes putting clothes on poor Lilly. For her own enjoyment of course. But she claims it helps protect the kitty from the vicious dog bites she endures.

Check out the video of Britton dressing Lilly here.

More from the Strib:

"It's protective body armor, to keep the dogs from biting her. It's been a long winter and when you don't go on vacation you have to find ways to amuse yourself," she said. "She loves being dressed up."

"I put her in onesies [and other garments, one a handmade number that includes what I'd describe as ear hats] for protective reasons. Your little friend, baby Merci, likes to nip at her. And not just nip, he takes out big chunks her fur -- looks like he's got a Robert Goulet mustache -- and he looks at me like, Huh? I didn't bite her."

Lilly apparently had a pretty blue sweater that mysteriously disappeared off her back. When C.J. thought maybe those freak dogs did it, she said it was definitely a human. "Dogs don't have that much dexterity! Some human did this. Who took the damn outfit off my cat? I don't take clothes off their kids," said Britton. Weird.

Unfortunately she doesn't realize this person did Lilly a great service by freeing her from the confines of human clothes. Animals don't need clothes! They have fur.

Ever seen those kitty wigs? You get what we mean. Oh, there's even a whole Flickr pool of this cat torture. Find us one cat in that album that looks to be having a good time. People actually get away with this behavior?  

If you don't believe us, check out this YouTube video of another sad cat in clothes. If this isn't what miserable looks like, we're demented.

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