Cat thrower gets even more jail time


The St. Paul cat thrower who was sentenced earlier this week to a year in jail for punching his girlfriend in the face will be sitting behind bars a little longer for violating probation requirements from his cat killing incident.

Scott Michael Turner, 30, was sentenced to an additional 15 months for animal cruelty and 18 months for the terroristic threats against the cat's owner. He has already served 200 days. Turner threw his neighbor's cat against a wall during an argument with his girlfriend. The kitten had to be euthanized. He then threatened the cat's owner by telling her the same thing would happen to her if she testified against him.

More from the Pioneer Press:

In June, Turner pleaded guilty to domestic assault after he punched his girlfriend, Jennifer DuPaul, in the face in May during a dispute while the couple was driving in St. Paul. Their 8-month-old son was in the car during the fight.

As part of Turner's earlier plea agreements on the animal-cruelty and terroristic threat charges, he was sentenced to seven months' confinement for the animal-cruelty charge and five years' probation for the terroristic threat charge.

However, the domestic assault charge violated his probation, making the plea agreements invalid.