Cat thrower gets 1 year in the workhouse for punching girlfriend


Our asshole of the year gets some time in the workhouse for being an all-around terrible person to humans and animals alike.

The man convicted of killing his neighbor's kitten by throwing it against a wall has now been sentenced to one year in the Ramsey County workhouse after he admitted he punched his girlfriend in the face.

Scott M. Turner, 30, was sentenced Monday. The whole girlfriend-punching thing violated his probation for killing a kitten. During that attack, Turner hurled his neighbor's kitten against a wall while arguing with his girlfriend.

He punched his girlfriend in the face during an argument in his car. What were they arguing about that would end in him punching her in the face? Where to take their young one for a walk. Classy.

From the Star Tribune:

"I'd like to apologize," Turner told District Judge Michael DeCourcy at the hearing. "I did plead guilty because I hit her but I didn't intentionally hit her. ... If I'd meant to hit her, it would be a lot worse than it was."
You didn't mean to hit her? Oh, OK. I accidentally punch people in the face all the time. Such a bad habit.