Cat lady's mobile home colony of 120 euthanized


The Animal Humane Society didn't give us much hope last week that the 120 cats rescued from a 500- square-foot St. Anthony mobile home would stay alive long. And now they are dead.

AHS announced that they had to euthanize all of the cats from the home because it had been a breeding ground for all sorts of terrible kitty diseases including AIDs and herpes. How adorable.

Diseased animals still have feelings and let it be known that some people are pretty pissed off by the AHS decision.

More from the Associated Press:

Spokeswoman Deb Balzer says the cats had diseases ranging from feline AIDS and herpes to upper respiratory infections and ringworm. She says the cats, which had been living in a 500-square-foot mobile home, were "very damaged animals."
Another animal rescue group is pretty pissed off. Animal Ark says the cats could have been saved, according to the Associated Press.
Animal Ark says the cats could have been saved if the Animal Humane Society would have returned its calls. Mike Fry, executive director of Animal Ark in Hastings, calls the Humane Society's decision "predictable, unfortunate and unnecessary."

He says his group and other no-kill shelters were ready to provide money, care, and sanctuaries for the cats.