Cat lady's 118 felines probably not adoptable

The story of the crazy St. Anthony cat lady who surrendered 118 cats from her mobile home just got much more depressing. The Animal Humane Society says they are uncertain if any of the cats will be adopted out. The veterinary staff is currently monitoring the cats for health and behavioral problems.

More from the AHS:
The cats are receiving medical examinations at the Golden Valley facility. It is uncertain at this time if any of the animals are adoptable as AHS veterinary staff are seeing signs of health and behavior problems that are indicative of animals that come from these environments. 
According to Kathie Johnson, director of animal services, situations such as these are tragic. "From start to finish cases like these are so unfortunate. These not your typical house cats. They are damaged from their marginalized environment--both psychologically and physically. It is a tragic situation--and difficult for our staff that is now forced to make the difficult decisions now that they are in our care."
Yuck. Yesterday we reported on the grim conditions of the home: The couple, in their 50s, had feces on their shoes and pants cuffs. They slept on a rollaway mattress on the kitchen floor surrounded by filthy felines. There was evidence someone had shoveled the feces and urine off the floors, but some floor boards were rotting anyway. The most depressing part of all this? The woman will probably get away with the cruelty, maybe with a slap on the wrist.