Casey Michelle Walters charged in Guadalupe Galeno-Hernandez's shooting

Casey Michele Waletrs faces two felony counts.

Casey Michele Waletrs faces two felony counts.

Casey Walters, the woman accused of driving the car carrying a gunman who shot 12-year-old Guadalupe Galeno-Hernandez, has a Sureno 13 gang tattoo on her neck. She dates a Sureno 13 gangbanger. And the shooting took place as a result of gang conflict.


Those details came out yesterday when Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman charged 19-year-old Walters with two felonies for her role in the Chicago Avenue drive-by shooting that left the girl paralyzed. She's due in court today.

Freeman says Walters is cooperating with the investigation up to a point: She won't give up the name of the shooter. But she was at the wheel of her car the night of the shooting. Three guys were along for the ride. As they passed Guadalupe and her friends, one of the passengers popped up out of the sun roof of the car, shouted a gang slogan, and fired a single round into the group.

They haven't said why they zeroed in on Walters, but police were waiting for her last Friday when she showed up at the Hennepin County Court branch in Edina to deal with a minor traffic offense.