Casey Carlson: American Idol's biggest disappointment


We were pumped up to have some potential Minnesota talent in American Idol this season. Not to mention a potential perfect (perhaps maybe boring) package for an American Idol star.

Unfortunately University of Minnesota student Casey Carlson fell pretty flat last night and was quickly pummeled by the judges. Only her hotness can save her now.

She performed "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by the Police. Yikes.

Here is the rundown from the Star Tribune of the reaction from the judges:

Randy Johnson was the first to say her song choice was poor, and "weirdly karaoke. "Everything about that was wrong."

Idol's newest judge, Kara DioGuardi, agreed on the unfortunate song selection. "You don't touch those songs," she said. "You fell really flat."

Paula Abdul called her phrasing "weird" and added, "It just didn't work for you."

As usual, the sharpest words came from Simon Cowell, who called her singing, "atrocious." "You couldn't have picked a worse song. It's karaoke. ... You had one massive opportunity, and you just threw it away."

She isn't get much support elsewhere either. The Pioneer Press headline says her "days may be numbered". Many Idol bloggers named Carlson's performance as the worst of the night. TMZ says, "Casey Carlson was the worst, with a 'Sarah Palin-esque type performance full of winks and poses.'"

Perhaps the most embarrassing: Carlson has basically been lowered to her looks as her redeeming quality. All of the judges said she was cute, but had no talent. The sad life of a hot girl.

Carlson's fate will be announced on tonight's episode. Three of the 12 from last night will move on to the next round. Does Carlson deserve another chance? She already biffed a song once, how many chances can she get?