Carlos Orozco's abduction first time cell phone Amber Alert led directly to successful recovery

Little Carlos was recovered shortly after an Amber Alert was pushed to Minnesota cell phones.
Little Carlos was recovered shortly after an Amber Alert was pushed to Minnesota cell phones.

We've heard from many people who were surprised on Wednesday afternoon to unexpectedly receive an audio and text Amber Alert on their phones.

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Shortly after the Alert was pushed to Minnesota cell phones, 8-month-old Carlos Orozco was recovered safe and sound from a South Minneapolis residence. And according to a state press release, that happy occasion marked "the first time in the United States a cell phone alert led directly to the successful recovery of a child."

From the press release:

Nationwide Wireless Emergency Alerts have been used to distribute AMBER Alerts since December 31, 2012...

A teenager who received the [Wireless Emergency Alert] alert on her cell phone spotted the vehicle used in the abduction and told her father, who notified police. Officers from the Minneapolis Police Department located the victim unharmed in the basement of the home where the vehicle was found. The suspect was apprehended outside of the home...

Currently only newer model phones are equipped to receive WEAs. It is expected that all cell phones manufactured in the future will have WEA capability.

The Minnesota AMBER Alert program was established in 2002. Since then, there have been 28 activations and 28 safe recoveries. By broadcasting information in the crucial first hours after a child abduction, AMBER Alerts enlist citizens in the effort to recover the child unharmed.

And KARE 11 details the circumstances of little Carlos's recovery:

[Guillermo Buenrostro] got an Amber Alert message on his cell phone around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. It said police were looking for Isabell Diaz Castillo, a woman who may have taken Carlos Orozco.

Police said the woman was driving a red Kia, a vehicle that happened to be parked steps away from Buenrostro's house on the 3700 block of 3rd Avenue South.

Buenrostro spotted what he thought was the car. His daughter [Daisy] stepped outside to investigate.

"I was kind of freaking out inside because I couldn't believe that I actually found the car," Daisy said when she stepped back inside her home.

That's when her dad called 911. A short time later, police moved in and arrested the woman. They found the boy unharmed.

This afternoon, the suspect, Isabel Diaz-Castillo, was charged with kidnapping. She's in the country illegally and might be deported back to Mexico.

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