Carleton students love R2-D2 so much they turn a building into the droid

No sign of C3-PO anywhere
No sign of C3-PO anywhere

Parents, this is what those hefty tuition bills pay for at Carleton College: Students decorating a campus building -- the Goodsell Observatory -- to look like the R2D2 droid from "Star Wars."

The pictures were posted on Facebook.

Watch the video (below) and you can even hear that they provided the character's beeping, chirping sound effects. The best part is that RS-D2's "head" actually swivels with the rotation of the observatory!

It appears that no damage was done to the building; the decorations were taped on. That's a good thing, since the observatory dates from the 1890s, and among its equipment are three telescopes that are all more than 100 years old.

Here's some video:

Here's the fallen-and-I-can't-get-up version:

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