Captain Jack Sparrow officially running for Minneapolis mayor [PHOTO]


The good thing about keeping filing fees low for mayoral runs: Captain Jack. The bad? Captain Jack.

Not sold on Mark Andrew or Betsy Hodges as possible R.T. successors? Here's another option -- Captain Jack Sparrow (Yes, that's his real name).

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The man formerly known as David Viebahn is probably the most colorful of the 30 or so people who have already paid their $20 entry fee and officially filed to run for Minneapolis mayor before today's deadline comes and goes. And after all, if Dorset can have a cute 4-year-old as its mayor, why can't Minneapolis elect a modern-day pirate?

[jump] Here's an excerpt from a Southwest Journal profile of Captain Jack:

David Viebahn changed his name a year ago, following his arrest for trespassing when he and others tried to deliver a petition to the CEO of US Bank. He was part of the Occupy Minneapolis and Occupy Homes movement.

Captain Jack lists his address as 4117 14th Ave. S., but he might not be there long. He's squatting in that home, which is vacant, he said.

Sparow is a persona Veibahn took on during the Occupy movement. He plans to file a lawsuit against the city for what he calls torture. He wanted his name to be Captain Jack Sparrow for that lawsuit.

But Captain Jack could use a little help articulating his platform.

"I would be a good a mayor," he told the Journal. "I can tell you all about my platform. I don't want to do it right now, but I will send you my platform."

That's about as vague as it gets, but platform or no platform, campaigning while toting a sword should win the the captain at least a few votes.

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