Canterbury Park will feature slot machines if proposed bill passes


A pro-gambling lobbyist group says it has a solution to Minnesota's budgetary woes: slot machines. Lots of slot machines.

Racino Now, a non-profit led by former state senator Dick Day, has long claimed that inserting slots in the state's two horse-racing tracks would generate $125 million in yearly revenue. Today Rep. Al Juhnke and Sen. Dan Sparks introduced legislation that would do just that.

From the Strib:

"We are in a big economic funk, and we are going to be in that funk" for years to come, Juhnke said at a news conference announcing the racino legislation.

The new gambling revenue, which would take two years before being fully ramped up to forecasted levels, would be split up to pay for rural development, early childhood development research and development of bioscience and medical technology, athletic and recreational facilities, and the general fund.