Can't Wait: Coleman's Minn. Supreme Court appeal starts Monday


Take a couple deep breaths of fresh air this weekend and enjoy the outdoors before our lives get painful again. We've had such a great week or two with little to no news about these wanna-be senators.

Norm Coleman's appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court starts Monday to try and overrule the three-judge panel's ruling that Al Franken came out ahead in November. Franken is currently ahead by 312 votes.

Five of the Supreme Court justices will hear the case. Coleman plans to argue equal protection in his case because he claims all votes were not considered under the same criteria.

We can only hope this is the beginning of the end in the terribly drawn-out race for Minnesota's U.S. Senate seat. But if Coleman fails with his case again, he could choose to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Please save us.

If you are interested in watching the drama unfold, The Uptake will have live coverage starting Monday morning. Tune in here.