Can't get Ridder him

Par Ridder refuses to go away. The turncoat publisher has filed an appeal seeking to overturn a judge's order barring him from working for the Star Tribune until next September. As reported by the Associated Press, the appeal was filed earlier this month.

The Pioneer Press sued its former publisher in April, charging that Ridder stole a laptop and key business data when he jumped ship to the newspaper's chief rival the previous month. (See the CP cover story "Trials and Stribulations" for all the sordid details.) In September Ramsey County District Judge David Higgs ruled that Ridder had violated a non-compete agreement and done irreparable harm to his former company.

Jennifer Parrat, who followed Ridder across the river to the Strib, has also filed an appeal seeking to overturn a similar prohibition on employment with the state's largest daily newspaper.