Can't attend dry Gopher football game? Smuggle in your booze via boobs, belly


University of Minnesota football fans have really grown spoiled when it comes to getting wasted at games. The beer was flowing heavy during games at the Metrodome, but the debut of the TCF Bank Stadium Saturday means you'll have to leave your beer chugging habit in the parking lot.

We understand the need to continue drinking to actually enjoy watching the Gophers play. KDWB's Dave Ryan gets it too. That's why he collected some of the best products you can purchase to help you smuggle in booze all stealth-like.

Although they might work, do you really want to be that guy sucking on a straw from your girlfriend's boob (or your beer belly) to get your fix? C'mon now. That's embarrassing.

Our personal favorite is the "Wine Rack". Booze and giant boobs all in one! And when your boobs have shrunk back down to bee stings, the dude you were sharing with won't even be sober enough to notice. A win for all.

Check out Dave Ryan's list here.