Canine Teeth

Yet another article about the bad pit bulls. Maybe next time, instead of starting off with the blood and gore of an incident, you could try taking the high road and focus more on the GOOD pit bulls, or take a stand on the importance of the owners and how this was their fault. Thanks for contributing to the problem, instead of the solution.


The solution to me would be to have the city kill any dog that bites someone, fine the owner, and jail the owner if it causes permanent injury. This guy's got a tattoo of a dog that ripped part of a kid's face off—after it had already bitten another child! He's supposed to be the good guy? We're not supposed to pay any attention to "the blood and gore of an incident," and instead pat the good dogs on the head? Tell that to the kids getting bit in the face. Fact is, some dogs are dangerous because their owners are idiots and think they can train them by watching The Dog Whisperer and fiddling around on the internet. The rest of us shouldn't have to worry about our kids having their faces ripped half off because of these morons.


Adequately written article. Even-handed. The fact remains: Poorly trained dogs attack people. The article doesn't blame the breed, it gives the breed credit for being intelligent and not naturally harmful. But seriously, people: Stop defending bad owners and the weapons they breed. It's a lot easier to ban dogs than it is to ban stupid people. It's too bad there isn't an easier solution than just killing dogs that bite children . . . but come on. Kill the dog, bar the owner from having dogs of any breed, and move on. If someone swung open bear traps around their heads while walking around your neighborhood, I'm pretty sure you'd want them to stop.

David Foureyes

All dogs require socialization, training, exercise, vaccinations, SPAYING AND NEUTERING, etc.—all things that a responsible dog owner provides for their animal. The American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, all Bully Breeds are wonderful dogs when in responsible homes with responsible owners. Whether you're a dog lover or not, none of us want irresponsible people owning any breed of dog. If you can't control your animal, whether it's a 10-pound mixed-breed dog or 50-pound bully, then you shouldn't have one. It's the dogs that suffer because of the people.


This article saddens me deeply. These poor dogs are constantly taking the rap for irresponsible dog owners. If the dogs would have been border collies, for example, the article would not have been so dramatic and gory! It's always people that have never had any experience with or have never even met a pit bull that are the first to point fingers.

I have owned a pit bull for 10 years, and she has NEVER bitten anyone or another dog. Any dog can be trained to be mean. If the writer had done their homework about PROVEN facts about pit bulls, they would know that pit bulls are NOT human-aggressive. They have a tendency to be dog-aggressive if not properly trained and watched, but they are no more aggressive towards humans than any other breed.

I grew up with a little Terrier who hated the mailman with a passion. My pit bull has never so much as barked at the mailman. Research your facts before dramatizing a story. If a minority hurt someone. . . are you as racist towards them as you have been towards pit bulls?!

It's unfortunate that this happened, but the next time a dog bites someone in the metro and it's NOT a pit bull, I would expect you to write a similar article villainizing the dog at fault. And for as bad as this awful writer made it out to be, the mailman looks untouched in the recent photo in the article. Your ignorance is so sad!


What about this article was untrue? Pit bulls are primarily purchased by dog owners in North for the explicit purpose of intimidating others. Don't believe me? Then move here and live here like I do. I know of neighbors who keep them locked up in a garage for days on end (probably without food) as a form of violence training. I call about it and nothing happens.

The author of the article clearly lays blame on the owners of these pets, if you all happened to read to the end of the article. I'm surprised it took this long for an in-depth look at this problem following the attack on Mr. Bloomquist.


Great piece, Erin. I live in NE and it seems pit bulls are the dog of choice. Too often, we see our neighbors being dragged up and down the street by their dogs, not the other way around. I think that has something to do with the owner of our property installing a chain-link fence. I can't imagine having to stand guard every time one of those dogs strolls by. Thank you for bringing this story to the public's attention.


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