Candidate Nolan West’s Facebook history is a trove of racist, homophobic idiocy

Swipe left.

Swipe left.

Nolan West, a young state legislative aide for the GOP, is tired of always being the bridesmaid. He’s running for a bona fide Minnesota House seat in Blaine.

Unfortunately, West is a racist homophobe who hates “fagballs,” reveres Jefferson Davis, believes America is a “society of leeches,” and loves telling unfunny jokes about Chinese laundromats and techy Indians that – even worse than being generically racist – are just plain asinine.

There’s this for example.

And then there’s this. What does this even mean? It sounds like a bad Google translation. Has anyone asked Nolan West for proof of citizenship? English cannot possibly be his first language.

West got in trouble Tuesday when the Star Tribune dug up a series of old Facebook blurbs in which he harkens back to the glories of the Confederacy and bashing Abraham Lincoln (that pesky president who ended slavery) as the worst president ever.

West apparently then realized that a public Facebook page was not a good place for a guy running for office to air his private bigotry. He cleaned up his profile, and issued an apology for “posting insensitive material” that did not “reflect who I am or what I believe.”

Unfortunately for the rookie politician, others beat him to the posts, screenshotting every stunningly half-witted thing he’s ever said. Below are just a few pickings:


Of course, West isn't the only candidate raising eyebrows with suspect Facebook posts this election season. Little Stewie Mills, Fleet Farm heir and aspiring congressman, made headlines when his bro-tastic musings surfaced. The Iron Range Republican's choice quips involve oral sex, blatant sexism, and battered women.

What a guy.