Can Bachmann handle the wrath of Al Sharpton? How about Meatloaf?

This will be a Fox News show not to be missed. Ever again.

Sean Hannity's new show, with Hannity pathetically alone after Colmes left him in the dust, premieres Monday and Minnesota has so much to be proud of.

Our one-and-only, perfectly named "crazed baby-farming congressmonster Michele Bachmann" by Gawker, will be the insanely right-wing panelist. Who is she up against? None other than Rev. Al Sharpton. Someone pinch us.

This could get bloody. We could only hope Jesus makes a guest appearance to solve this once and for all. On an amazing side note, Meatloaf will also be there. Could we ask for a better lineup? Probably not.

Hannity's new incarnation will feature a rotating panel of cheerleaders and punching bags all for Hannity's enjoyment and for the eventual destruction of American life. It's like reality TV, but better, and ridiculously more real because these people aren't acting.

Monday's show will feature an interview with outgoing President George W. Bush.

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