Campaign video round-up: Franken, Barkley, Bill Clinton


Trying to procrastinate and catch up on some election fun? Here are some campaign videos to suck some of your internet bandwidth.

Miss the former President Bill Clinton rally last night? Or maybe you didn't want to be caught dead there. The Uptake has a video on their site of his rally:

Another YouTube search today and we found a direct link to the TV ad that spurred Sen. Norm Coleman's lawsuit against Al Franken. Check it out here:

Independence Party Candidate Dean Barkley has one shot on TV to sway us. Here it is:

In other random election news, Minnesota Secretary of State expects record turnout Tuesday.

According to Fox9:

"Last summer, our office set an ambitious goal of 80 percent turnout of eligible voters for this year's election in Minnesota,” Ritchie said. “We have worked hard to reach this goal and to keep Minnesota number one in the nation in voter turnout."

2.99 million Minnesotans need to vote Nov. 4 to meet the “80 in ‘08” goal.

The last time Minnesota had 80 percent turnout was 1956 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower defeated challenger Adlai Stevenson.