Calling in gay today?

Today is national "Day Without a Gay" where members of the community are planning to "call in gay" to work to show the importance of gay and lesbian members of the community to the local economy.

People who call in gay will be joining together to give back to the community through volunteer opportunities. The event coincides with International Human Rights Day.

The day-long protest is part of the ongoing fight against the passage of Prop 8 in California that bans gay marriage. The event has received some criticism for pulling workers out of a struggling economy as a form of protest. But the GLBT community has pushed on and will continue as planned. 

If you call in gay and want to meet up with others, here is a list of events happening in Minnesota. 

The main event will take place at the Minneapolis Hub Bike Co-Op, 3020 Minnehaha Ave. S. More information here.