Calling all interns! City Pages accepting fall internship applications

Calling all interns! City Pages accepting fall internship applications

It's the middle of August, which can only mean one thing: Steamy. Hot. Weather. Well, okay, maybe not so much before this week, but just wait until you walk out that door this morning.(No need to thank us for the heads-up.) But it can mean a lot of other things, too -- chief among them for all you young'uns being that, like it or not, the school year is just around the corner. With that, of course, comes the prospect of fall internships.

Here at City Pages, we've got you covered on that last point. Whether you're interested in news, music, or the arts, there are lots of ways for all you budding journos to get involved during the coming semester.
The process is simple: send us your cover letter, your resume, and a few writing clips, and we'll do our part to give you an inside look at what it's like to work in the fast-paced newsroom of an alt weekly. (That means more than just fetching coffee, we promise. It also means transcribing! Kidding.) Our internships are unpaid and 20 hours per week, so you'll have to be an active student eligible for school credit in order to apply.

Depending on what your particular area of interest might be, send your applications to one of these folks: for general editorial and news internships, contact yours truly Jeff Gage; for music, drop our music editor, Reed Fischer, a line; and for all your photographers out there, get in touch with our art director, Emily Utne.

Not sure which internship might be best for you? Apply anyway!

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