Call Limo is pitching Uber's prices for a luxury ride

Call Limo provides a sweeter ride without Uber's surge pricing.

Call Limo provides a sweeter ride without Uber's surge pricing.

When the nose-pierced Uber dude in a tank top driving an old Accord won't do, there's Call Limo.

After a year of hammering out the technological aspects, Plymouth native Jeff Lundquist launched the app and web-based business four months ago. It's like Uber, but instead of Hondas, the Minneapolis company's buffet of rides includes Suburbans to Chrysler 300s, BMW Sedans to 12-passenger limousines.

"Why use a taxi or get stuck with a sketchy Uber driver?" the 40-year-old Lundquist asks. "It's nearly similar in pricing to Uber, but with the ability to do it in luxury."

Just like other car services, Call Limo contracts with workers. Unlike Lyft and Uber, your luxury ride on demand doesn't come with surge pricing.

Late last Friday morning, Call Limo from Uptown to the airport cost as little as $48, perhaps a few bucks more with thick traffic. The range is because Lundquist charges by minutes, not miles. As soon as a passenger electronically summons a car, the company's software kicks in, formulating the quickest route while factoring in current traffic conditions.   

Around the same time last week, Uber's quote from Lake Calhoun to the airport came within $5 of Call Limo's rate. 

At the moment, Lundquist's business averages 25 rides daily. With a little word-of-mouth, he sees double that number, maybe triple soon.

One recent customer chose leather seats over Uber because the fares were neck-in-neck. He rode into downtown Minneapolis from Chanhassen in a stretch for $138.

"We've taken what's good from the other car services already out there and made it better," Lundquist says.