Caitlan Barton dies after getting hit by truck while crossing street near Lake Calhoun


Last night, 25-year-old Caitlan Barton died from injuries she suffered when she was struck by a commercial truck at a busy intersection near Lake Calhoun around 6:15 Wednesday evening.

Barton was trying to walk south across Lake Street where it intersects with Market Place when she was hit. The walk sign was on but traffic turning right onto westbound Lake from Market also had a green light and the driver apparently failed to yield.

Barton was rushed to HCMC with "life-threatening injuries" and died about a day later.

Minneapolis Police Department spokesman John Elder told us it's possible the as-of-yet-unidentified DHL box delivery truck driver, who has fully cooperated with authorities and apparently wasn't high or drunk, simply never saw Barton.

After hitting her, the driver dragged her a short ways before stopping.

"He realized [he hit her] but it's a large truck and stopping takes a little time," Elder said.

Asked whether charges against the driver could be forthcoming, Elder said "certainly."

"Someone died, so there's the chance he would face charges," he said.

The intersection where the accident occurred is adjacent to the busy Calhoun Village mall. Elder said Barton's tragic death should be a reminder that a walk sign doesn't necessarily mean it's safe to cross an intersection, especially in areas like that one.

"There's a great deal of traffic there, and there are a number of other intersections in really close proximity, so people need to take their time," Elder said. "I don't think it's something that needs to be redesigned, but people just need to slow down and pay attention."

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