Cabbage Patch President: creepiest toys ever


In what will no doubt go down in history as the most terrifyingly unreal real-person-to-toy transformation (including MC Hammer action figures), Sarah Palin and the three other Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates have been morphed into Cabbage Patch Kids dolls that are going to be auctioned for charity. From Palin's doll sporting those trademark glasses and cankles stuffed into high heels, to the Biden doll's weird hair, the toys are just plain creepy. Thank god they're raising money for a good cause with them. Hilarious pictures after the jump.

The doll's faces were hand-painted to look like the candidates.

My friends, shouldn't the McCain doll be a bit balder?

They apparently also made an Emmanuel Lewis doll... oh, wait, it's Obama.

Joe Biden or Barbara Bush in drag?

There are only four of each doll, and they will be auctioned on Ebay starting Election Day. The money raised will be donated Toys for Tots.