Byronte Juwann Reed's two months of pimping lands him 15 years behind bars

Time and the law were not on Reed's side.

Time and the law were not on Reed's side.

Byronte Juwann Reed didn't want to face the music.

For two months in 2008, he held a teenage girl more or less captive while he sold her for sex out of his St. Paul home, including one foray to Chicago.

But his brief shot at pimping turned out to be a bad investment of his time.


He was caught, and the feds indicted him on three counts of sex trafficking with a minor in August 2009.

Instead of laying low and staying out of more trouble, however, Reed doubled down on bad decisions. He fled.

Time and the law finally caught up with him for good, a year ago in August, when the 28-year-old man was traced to a townhouse in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He barricaded himself inside while FBI and some local Louisiana SWAT cops surrounded the home. But Reed eventually surrendered without any shots being fired.

He was turned over to Minnesota authorities. In October he pleaded guilty to sex trafficking. Yesterday, the game was over. United States District Court Judge Paul A. Magnuson sentenced Reed to 15 years in prison.