Byron Brantley left trail of guns after Born's Bar homicide

Byron Brantley, Leandrews Miller and Xavier Buckhanan have all been charged in connection with the murder of Trevell Glass early Wednesday morning outside Born's Bar in St. Paul.

Brantley, the suspected triggerman in the shooting, made it easy for the cops to track him down: He left a trail of hand guns behind as he tried to run away.

All three suspects, and a fourth man who hasn't been charged, were riding in a car that witnesses placed at the scene of the shooting on Rice Street in the North End after a bar fight.

Buckhanan told police the four of them had been thrown out of Born's, and were ready to drive away, when Brantley got back out. Buckhanan drove around the block. Eight shots rang out. Glass was killed. Another man, Ryan Davis, was injured. Brantley got back into the car and it sped away.

Police tracked the vehicle down at Case and York, and Brantley bailed out.

Trevell Glass died outside Born's Bar
Trevell Glass died outside Born's Bar

While Miller and Buckhanan were arrested, a police dog took off after Brantley, following him to a hiding spot behind a garage. As police ran to catch up and make the arrest, they picked up three guns that Brantley had dropped along the way.

Compounding Brantley's problems: A number "5" tattoo under one eye, and a "2" under the other were clearly visible to witnesses at the scene, and to police when he was arrested. Buckhanan said all four of the men in the car were members of the 52 Crips.

Brantley, 31, and Miller, 27, are charged with second degree murder, Buckman with attempted second degree murder. All three are in the Ramsey County jail.

Site of the shooting: 899 Rice St, Saint Paul

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