Buy your family season tickets at the new Vikings Stadium for a mere $17,000

Inside the People's Stadium to watch Minnesota's team, it'll cost about $2,500 just for the right to buy a seat.

Inside the People's Stadium to watch Minnesota's team, it'll cost about $2,500 just for the right to buy a seat.

There's hope.

The Minnesota Vikings' respectable showing in last weekend's loss against Denver proved the state's beloved gridiron warriors might be inching toward contender instead of perpetual NFC North basement relegation. Adrian Peterson had more yards carrying the rock than biological kids. The Vikes came close to stealing a rare road win against one of the league's serious Super Bowl contenders.

But if you're looking to ride that wave of promise into next season, you'd be better off staying put on your couch. Stadium seats at the Vikings' new $1 billion-plus home — the good ones at least — are being sold off to the highest bidders. And those bidders are willing to cough up a pretty penny.

Nevermind that taxpayers are paying for the majority of the stadium construction. Nevermind that it has been billed as "the People's Stadium." Participation in what the team hails as "redefining the football experience" will put the hurt on the commoner's net worth. Before the committed fan can buy season tickets to US Bank Stadium, they must pay for the right to purchase season tickets. It's a privilege few can afford. 

Personal seat licenses or "Stadium Builder's Licenses" in ticket salesmen parlance is a "one-time payment" guaranteeing dibs on the cherished seats "so long as you continue to buy season tickets." Unfamiliar with the concept? Essentially, you pay to save your seats, and only then can you pay for the season tickets. Seat licenses start at $500 for the nosebleeds and top out at $9,500. 

Right now, the best available season tickets for four seats can be had in the lower bowl corners. The tickets cost $120 per game, and each seat comes with a $2,550 license. Before you've even purchased the season tickets for those four seats, you've spent more than $10,000. The poorer person, eyeing a $100 lower bowl end zone perch, will have to pony up slightly less. The license toll is $2,250 per seat or $9,000 total before purchasing tickets. 

But there's good news. Financing is available.  

A 20 percent down payment lays claim to the seats. The remaining balance is due by June 2016.

Short on funds? No problem. 

Put down 30 percent by next summer and what's left can be financed at eight percent interest — around $1,790 annually — through 2022.

Bonus: There's no pre-payment penalty. 

The future's purple-tinted math for financing seat licenses and buying season tickets for a family of four from Arden Hills, Chaska, or Coon Rapids looks like this:

A down payment of $3,060 for four seat licenses for tickets in the lower bowl corner. Almost $9,000 to finance the remaining license balance. Ten games, two preseason and eight regular, at $120 a tilt for a fandom quartet comes out to $4,800.

The people can attend the festivities at the People's Stadium come next season for just shy of $17,000.

Make check payable to "Minnesota Stadium SBL Fund." Credit cards are also accepted.