Buy Vikings season tickets for $20,000! (Tickets not included.)

Your "builders license" gets you this view of the field. Cartoon players won't be there, but that'd be cool if they were.

Your "builders license" gets you this view of the field. Cartoon players won't be there, but that'd be cool if they were.

The Minnesota Vikings are great. 

Not good. Great. Four games into the season, four wins, despite losing a quarterback (Teddy Bridgewater), a running back (Adrian Peterson), and a premier offensive lineman (Matt Kalil). The success is coming on the backs of the team's stellar defense, which has given up just 50 points, and has the old timers educatin' their grandkids about the Purple People Eaters of the 1970s

Now's a good time to cash in if you're sitting on increasingly precious seats at US Bank Stadium. (Affectionately referred to by City Pages readers as either "Valhalla" or "A waste of taxpayer money"; perhaps both.) We found a pair of great season tickets available for sale on Ebay, described by the seller as "amazing and rare seats." 

Right down near the field level, row 15, and just off one of the endzones. Perfect place to see Stefon Diggs (or Harrison Smith) crossing the goal line for a touchdown in 2017. 

Just one small note about these "amazing and rare seats," which are going for $19,848.99, or best offer. Your purchase doesn't actually get you into the game. You're not buying season tickets. You're buying the right to buy season tickets.

This is the beauty of the personal seat license (PSLs) system, which adds this buffer layer of spending before letting fans in the building. It makes fans pay upfront to buy access to tickets. Originally, this was part of their contribution to the $1.1 billion stadium's construction. (Aside from all the tax dollars they contributed.) 

Thing is, as you might've noticed, US Bank Stadium is no longer under construction. And yet, the seat licenses -- "builders licenses," the Vikings like to call them -- are still around, and will be forever. And at least one person thinks decent ones are worth $10,000 per license starting next season.

Ticket prices themselves aren't set that far in advance. But a quick perusal of equivalent single-game seats in that same section finds Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys tickets going for about $330 apiece, with similar prices for a Vikings vs. Arizona Cardinals game, and slightly lower (roughly $260) when the Vikings host the Chicago Bears.  

Add that up over the course of eight reagular-season home games, and you're looking at several thousand dollars in ticket prices... once you've bought the privilege of buying the tickets. 

"You will be responsible for the Vikings transfer fee to be discovered when the Vikings disclose that fee," writes the Ebay seller.

That's right: At US Bank Stadium, you can't even volunteer to get ripped off without getting first ripped off. 

Act now! Sale ends Friday. The screwing of Vikings fans ends never.