Busted: Rybak used mayoral campaign funds for gubernatorial run


Whoops: The Minnesota campaign finance board ruled today that Minneapolis Mayor R.T. used money from his mayoral campaign for his gubernatorial campaign before he officially filed to run for governor. The board announced their decision after receiving a complaing from the Minnesota Republican Party.

Rybak used mayoral campaign funds in May to conduct a poll about his strength to run for governor. The board ruled his gubernatorial committee owes his mayoral committee $26,500 to cover the cost of the survey. Rybak submitted the required paperwork to run for governor on Thursday.

More from the Star Tribune:

The survey, which Rybak claimed was designed to help his re-election bid, included questions about four DFLers who are running for governor and asked questions of those who live outside of Minneapolis, the board said.

"The Board has reached the conclusion that the survey was designed to gather information that would benefit Mayor Rybak in a gubernatorial bid," the decision said.