Busted: DFL announces Pawlenty's "visit" to Minn. today

The Minnesota DFL made our passive-aggressive roots tingle today with their press release announcing Gov. Tim Pawlenty's "visit" to Minnesota this afternoon. Now this is some sarcasm we can get down with. And we don't appreciate many political press releases.

A statement from DFL state Chair Brian Melendez:

"Governor Pawlenty will make an appearance in Minnesota today, taking a break from his hectic schedule of traveling the country with his campaign team of Bush advisors. Spending most of his time on the road these days, Governor Pawlenty's more-of-the-same mentality and personal ambitions have made him little more than a suave hit man pandering to right-wing extremists. The governor refuses to engage on the issues even when he does occasionally visit Minnesota, and he has left Minnesotans to deal with the historic budget deficit that he is dumping on the next governor. But his brief appearance today raises an interesting question: When the governor is away, who is minding the shop?"

This reminds us of a silly quote from Pawlenty himself when he announced he wouldn't run for a third term as governor. He told Minnesotans he planned to "finish strong" and stay focused on state issues. Hilarious! As if we needed another reminder, we found out today that Pawlenty will be visiting Iowa next month to headline another Republican event. This guy is a total riot.

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