Bush poll numbers: dropping much faster than the water level in New Orleans

class=img_thumbleft>The results of two national polls released today suggest that the Katrina catastrophe is seriously weakening President Bush's popularity.

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found that Bush's approval rating has dropped to 40 percent--down 10 points since January. Meanwhile the percentage of citizens who disapprove of the job he's doing has climbed to 52 percent.

The correlation between Bush's puny approval ratings and the administration's handling of Katrina is unmistakable: 67 percent of those polled thought the President could have done more to bolster relief efforts, while just 28 percent said that the President was doing all he could. Even among Republican respondents, 40 percent indicated that Bush's efforts were insufficient.

The results were no better for Bush in a Zogby poll released today. His approval rating sank to 41 percent--the lowest ever recorded for W. by the polling organization. By contrast, 59 percent of respondents judged Bush to be doing a fair or poor job.

What's more, 53 percent of those polled deemed the country to be headed on the wrong track. Perhaps most strikingly, only 46 percent of respondents in the south--the region where Bush's base has traditionally been strongest--judged the country to be on the right track.

But the most provocative numbers in the Zogby poll show how Bush would fare against other recent presidents. The results indicate that Bush would lose a head-to-head contest with each of the last four presidents--even Jimmy Carter.

The only (would be) president that Bush could beat today? John Kerry! Which just proves once again what an absolute dog of a candidate the Democrats nominated last year.

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