Bush caught on live TV feed meeting Katrina survivors

This morning I've been watching the WDSU live stream online, and for most of the past hour they've been patched over in error from their broadcast to their raw satellite feeds. One feed of about five minutes or so in length showed George W. Bush walking down a road--in Mississippi, I'm guessing--and greeting a pair of survivors, a woman and (seemingly) her daughter. The mother was nearly hysterical as she described losing her boyfriend. The president hugged them, encouraged them to leave and go to a shelter. When the woman persisted, the president hugged her again. Shutters could be heard snapping, and no doubt the pictures are already hitting the wire.

And here were his parting words of counsel, comfort, leadership, and hope to this absolutely distraught woman, picked up clearly on the satellite feed:

"All right. Hang in there."

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