Bush approval ratings remain low

class=img_thumbleft> A substantial majority of Minnesotans continue to disapprove of the job being done by President Bush, according to the latest poll numbers released by SurveyUSA today. The sampling of 600 adults, with a +/- error of four percentage points, found that 56 percent of residents surveyed disapproved of the President's work, while just 39 percent approved. The SurveyUSA tracking numbers have remained steady in recent months, but show a substantial erosion of support for Bush during the last year. Last May, the President's job approval rating among Minnesotans was a comparatively healthy 47 percent, while 49 percent disapproved of his work.

The national numbers are almost as bad for Bush. SurveyUSA found that 41 percent of voters across the country approve of the job he is doing, while 56 percent disapprove. In only 12 states do the President's supporters outnumber his detractors. Utah is the most pro-Bush state, with 61 percent of residents giving his White House tenure the thumbs up.

Residents in 14 states gave the President lower approval ratings than Minnesotans, including Ohio and Arkansas, both of which Bush carried in 2004. Ohio, owing to its size and electoral votes, is particularly striking. Just 38 percent of residents indicated that they approved of the job the President is doing, while 60 percent disapproved.