Burnsville scoutmaster collected plenty of "merit badges"


Peter R. Stibal II was a volunteer for a catholic youth association. He also worked as a substitute bus driver for special needs kids. And since 2003, he worked as both an assistant scoutmaster and scoutmaster, allegedly collecting a new type of merit badge that involves doing stuff to young men that even MJ wouldn't dream about. (Too soon?)

Stibal II already has six felony counts against him for sexually abusing three Scouts between the tender ages of 11-15. Now, it seems as though he was out to sodomize the entire troop.

Burnsville Police Detective Jeff Pfaff said Thursday that an investigation has found four more boys who say they also were juvenile victims of sex crimes committed by Stibal between 2002 and 2008. All of the alleged victims are Scouts or former Scouts with Troop 650 of Burnsville, Pfaff said.

Meanwhile, all Kent York can is say he's dismayed. York, the regional spokesman of Boy Scouts is having to be the point man for press on this issue, trying to remind parents that Boy Scouts is all about tying knots and doing manly things like shooting .22 guns and learning how to ford canoes. He's encouraging scouts to do the right thing and come forward if their scoutmasters misbehave.

He's also touting a "training" where scoutmasters learn policies that insure the safety of the Scouts. Guess Stibal forgot about that...

In the Burnsville troop, some of the parents had expressed concerns among themselves that Stibal was breaking a rule that prohibits scoutmasters from being alone with Scouts.

And we all know what happens when Scoutmasters get some alone time: