Burnsville resident responsible for Celine Dion's "magic baby"

class=img_thumbleft>Christopher Roller has proof of paranormal activities: the magic tricks of David Copperfield. "David admits he's using godly powers--that's paranormal," Roller writes in a lawsuit filed last month in U.S. District Court. "Paranormal events are occurring on planet Earth by David Copperfield and probably by most illusionists (magicians)."

The Burnsville resident is seeking $1 million from the James Randi Educational Foundation. The Amazing Randi--best known for exposing spoonbender Uri Geller as a fraud on The Tonight Show in 1973--has long offered a $1 million prize for anyone who can provide evidence of any "paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event." No one has ever successfully claimed the money.

Roller has presented his proof of supernatural activities to Randi, but has been frustrated in his attempts to obtain the $1 million prize. "I've tried to contact James Randi with this enlightenment via email, but he keeps ignoring me," Roller notes in the lawsuit. "It figures, considering he's a magician, probably with godly powers himself. He is a con man, blinding us about the paranormal when he knows it exists."

Reached by phone, Roller says he's received no response to the lawsuit. "Evidently he's not putting up a fight," he avers. "I'm going to make a motion for default judgment."

Randi, however, says that a legal rejoinder is forthcoming. "I simply sent the summons off to our lawyer," he notes from his office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. "We get this sort of thing 30 or 40 times a year at least. People are people. They're delusional."

Roller is no stranger to the court system. Last year he sued Copperfield himself, claiming that the illusionist had been "using my godly powers to perform his magic." That lawsuit, however, was dismissed. More recently Roller has drafted a complaint against Celine Dion, claiming that the pop diva "has a magic baby--a baby of mine via immaculate conception."

Roller complains that the justice system is prejudiced against him. "I've found little sympathy when it comes to judges," he says. "Lawyers and judges don't seem to like this godly stuff."