Burger Time

I still do not understand the hype behind California's In-N-Out Burger. Yes, they are good, but not better than anything we have here in the Midwest. I was kind of disappointed the first time I ate there. Culver's ButterBurgers are definitely better. Also, Salut's burger is better than Burger Jones, why is that?

Comment by Tuit2112

I'd like to add an honorable mention, listed as that because this place no longer exists, but it deserves a proper eulogy: Andy's Tap.

Long the home of Bloomington families, with your standard bar-and-grill fare, cooked well on a greasy fry surface, then stacked in deli baskets from tips of fingers to shoulders of the wonderful staff. This is not the fancy gourmet burger of the Bulldog NE but is great in its simplicity. (My favorite was actually the brat burger, but I digress.)

With all of the hype our neighboring city's Lion's Tap used to get, Andy's was ours (and frankly better). Unfortunately, the longtime landlord decided the whole building had to go (they were in a small strip mall), and then it was over.

RIP Andy's Tap. We miss you.

Comment by Nate Dogg from Minneapolis

Really, Matt's Bar and not 5-8 guys are liberals, always thinking you know so much, but it's all just soooo wrong...and btw, the Bulldog's burgers suck, just 'cause you throw blue cheese and olives on it doesn't mean you are creative!

Comment by Erik from Minneapolis

I agree completely with the previous poster regarding In-N-Out Burger. I tried it when I was in L.A. and didn't think it was any better than Wendy's (and certainly not better than Culver's).

As far as missing burger offerings, I second the Nook. Probably the best burger I've ever had. But really, after all the hype from their Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives appearance and the oft-repeated quote from Barbara Streisand, that option is pretty obvious. One option that isn't (but deserves infinite praise) is the burger at the Meritage in downtown St. Paul. Brilliant!

Comment by Alec Syntax from Saint Paul

Went to Smash Burger yesterday and it was pretty good. We had two complaints: You couldn't taste the malt in the malt shakes, and there was no seasoning in the meat. Don't people season their burgers before they grill them? You wouldn't grill a steak without seasoning it first, so why a burger? Service was nice and we got our food very quickly.

Comment by CJ from Columbia Heights

Thanks for the tip, it's Meritage next week.

Comment by Greg from St. Paul

The Nook (Randolph and Hamline in St. Paul) should certainly be on any list of "best hamburger joints," not only in the Twin Cities but nationwide. The Juicy Nookie is as good as it gets!

Comment by Greg from St. Paul

Iran Pullout

Thank you for the great article on the horrible Iran Divestment Bill that was jammed through the Legislature by powerful lobbyists and endorsed by well-meaning but ill-informed legislators ("Muddle East," 6/10/09). National security is threatened, and the state may lose up to a half billion in equity in addition to the unnecessary transfer fee loss. Why was this article not published during the session? The lobbyists win again.

Bill Sorem Minnetonka

Obama and Iran

Matt Snyders's recent article missed the mark on Minnesota's new law against state pension funds investing in Iran's energy sector. The article says we missed the new Obama approach to Iran. Actually, Obama sponsored a bill when he was in the Senate to encourage states to divest for foreign companies that do business in the Iranian energy sector. As president, he has sanctioned financial firms doing business with Iran, and while we were debating this legislation, he extended, by executive order, the federal government's sanctions against Iran. Whether economic sanctions are a good idea regarding Iran can be debated, but the bill we passed is absolutely consistent with Obama's strategy. He's pursuing peaceful negotiations, while making clear that there will be economic consequences if Iran does not participate in those peaceful negotiations. So, far from not getting his memo, we actually are acting in a manner that is consistent with the new policy.

Ryan Winkler Golden Valley