Bummer: The Metrodome won't be blown up

Minneapolis' skyline will be losing its Teflon soon.
Minneapolis' skyline will be losing its Teflon soon.

Here's a dose of bad news for those of you who looked forward to taking a half day off work sometime in February and heading downtown to see the worst stadium in America (in Time's opinion) get violently demolished: The Metrodome won't be blown up.

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Earlier this week, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority released the timeline of the Metrodome's demise, and "imploding" isn't part of the agenda.

"They're not going to do an implosion, they're going to take it down section by section in a more traditional demolition fashion, so we don't have a bunch of dust and dirt that's kicked up all over the neighborhood," stadium authority chair Michele Kelm-Helgen told WCCO.

First, the roof will be deflated for the final time, 'CCO reports. Then the stadium walls will be removed piece by piece, and before a month has come and gone the Metrodome will be nothing more than a memory. (The unforgettable blue plastic seats and other items from the dome will eventually be sold.)

That's kinda sad, but fret not. By the summer of 2016, the stadium we all love to hate will be replaced by the giant vagina in the sky known as Zygi-land.

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