Bull breaks loose from rodeo event at Dakota County Fair, injures eight [PHOTOS] [VIDEO]

The bull (top left) runs free through a parking lot just moments before it was finally lassoed.

The bull (top left) runs free through a parking lot just moments before it was finally lassoed.

Last night, there was a running of the bulls at the Dakota County Fair. But unfortunately, the event wasn't on the fair's calendar.

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Around 8:15 p.m., a bull broke loose from a rodeo event and made a mad dash through a parking lot and the main fairgrounds. Eight people ended up injured, including a woman who suffered a head wound (among other injuries) and was transferred by helicopter to HCMC.

[jump] None of the other seven who were injured were taken to hospitals.

After the roughly 1,500-pound bull broke loose from its pen and the entire rodeo area, a deputy shot it twice with his handgun. But that didn't stop the bull, and he ran free through the fairgrounds for about five minutes before bring lassoed and returned to his pen.

One eyewitness account was provided to the Star Tribune by Jason Jensen:
Jason Jensen of Farmington was walking with his wife and three young daughters in the parking lot when the bull barreled down an aisle of cars and ran right toward them, he said.

His family ran with workers behind a small ticket booth and the bull got within 15 or 20 feet of them when it suddenly veered to its left, followed closely by a rodeo worker on horseback with a lasso, Jensen wrote in an e-mail to the Star Tribune.

"About five seconds later, we saw it charge over a woman and a child, both of whom we also witnessed get back up fairly rapidly," he wrote.

The bull then disappeared around a corner toward a food vendor area.

As they were leaving, the family saw police and deputies attending to three people lying on the ground. Jensen added that workers at the fair personnel "were on their toes with directing those nearby to get behind cover" and that all emergency responders were on top of the situation.
Another eyewitness was John Rouleau, executive director of Minnesota Majority, a conservative political group that faces a different sort of trampling this week. To see Rouleau's as-it-happened tweets and another witness's video of the bull breaking loose, click to page two.

From Rouleau:
-- John Rouleau (@John_Rouleau) August 8, 2013 And here's the video footage:

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