Buffalo Wild Wings sued by Canadian competitor

Wings: They're worth big money.
Wings: They're worth big money.

Buffalo Wild Wings has hit a speed bump in its fast-paced quest to spread spicy bar food across North America. A Canadian competitor has filed a lawsuit accusing the Minnesota company of trademark infringement.

Buffalo Wild Wings is adding to its empire of 700 restaurants by expanding into Canada, with plans to build 50 restaurants in the next five years.

Wild Wing Restaurants, an Aurora, Ontario-based chicken wing restaurant chain, has about 80 restaurants. The company claims that the name Buffalo Wild Wings will confuse customers, and is seeking $1.5 million in damages.

The fight is just the latest in what is becoming a massive turf war over chicken wings.

Recently, Buffalo Wild Wings hired the former director of Wild Wings Restaurants. In 2009, the Minnesota-based company filed its own trademark infringement suit, claiming that Cincinnati-based Buffalo Wings & Rings copied its business, right down to the color of paint on the walls.

We understand that business names are worth a lot of money, but in this case we think that customers will be able to tell the difference between the restaurants. Sure, both places serve up wings, and both cater to a sports-watching crowd.

But Minnesota's Buffalo Wild Wings--also known as BW3 for its original name, Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck--uses a logo with the image of a buffalo. Wild Wings Restaurants has images of palm trees.

Here are the two logos, with the Canadian one on top:

Buffalo Wild Wings sued by Canadian competitor

We can tell the difference. Can you?

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