Buffalo Wild Wings special sparks violence in Brooklyn

uring the lead-up to a 40-cent wing special in Brooklyn, Minneapolis-based Buffalo Wild Wings ran an advertisement that included this cheeky tagline: "Don't be alarmed if the tightwad of the bunch picks up the tab." As it turned out, it should have gone on to read, "And proceeds to stab you in the face."

On the eve of a no-school Veterans Day, thousands of high schoolers descended in the Atlantic Center Mall in Brooklyn to take advantage of the deal. By night's end, two shootings and a stabbing had occurred.


It started sometime after 7 p.m. with a series of confrontations inside the restaurant. After the quarelling teens made their way outside, two separate/unrelated instances of gunfire ensued in the streets.

Meanwhile, a confrontation on the shopping center's perimeter led to arguably the weirdest factual sentence to ever appear in The New York Times: "A stabbing just outside the mall has also been linked to the chicken wing special."

Four teens were injured. No one was killed.